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handshake-close-up-of-executives_1098-1384Hello Job-seeker,
My name is Laszlo. I am working as a Customer Analyst at our company, I am passionate in finding valuable new colleagues for our company. I am acting on behalf of the company to help and assist the company’s HR department to recruit the most talented and eligible people for the company. The company offers full-time and part-time jobs for multilingual people. Good command of English is a must for most positions.

About the company: A respected international company, a leader in outsourcing services. The company provides outsourcing services in ITC, finance and medical science. The Hungarian headquarter is in Budapest, close to the center in Buda side of this lovely city.

Why will you be a happy employee? 
I only started to work here in January 2016 but my first impressions were amazing. First of all I have a great boss. He is a very friendly person who is apart from being a professional at work has an easy-going friendly personality. He supports everyone in the team and has genuine interest in our career. Secondly, the company’s foremost employment strategy is to care for its employees. They do not only tout the “great career opportunity” but they have various programs to support. There are ‘rotations’ which means that you can move horizontally between projects to extend your knowledge of various projects (project=customer) and their infrastructure.

Your career opportunities: My career serves as an example of what career you may have. I am an Service Desk agent in ITIS which is basically a call center position in IT support. In July 2016 I won the Employee of the quarter award for an innovative idea that I implemented in my team. My manager nominated me for the award and I received it. I have submitted two more process improvements for which I had to learn programming in MS Excel. (I am getting pretty good at it actually. 🙂 )

Why should you work for us? Apart from the real career opportunity I have described above the company takes care of its employees very well. It offers very competitive salary, food vouchers, contribution to purchase of spectacles, commuting allowances and other benefits. Furthermore the company reinforces a spirit of mutual respect. Only on the first week of training one whole day is assigned to a Respect Workshop which aims to highlight how the company demands that the employees conduct themselves to a high standard in respecting each other. I must say that though the course may sound boring but it indeed works. I have experienced no instances of managerial bossiness, disrespect. Even cross-departmental or HR issues are dealt with friendliness and respect.

Why should you apply for positions through my site? If you choose to apply for the open positions we will achieve these:
– you can always contact me with questions related to the recruitment process and any further questions you may have
– I can help you with your initial steps if you are from outside Budapest or indeed from Hungary.
– throughout your employment I will be very happy to share my experiences. Mentor you and help you to get by or even build your career
Wow, thank you for reading so far. Now, feel free to browse around and find an ideal position for you or help me by recommending a friend of yours and ask them to apply through my site.

If you wish to talk to me any time, you can call me on my mobile phone +36 30 39 71 373

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